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Fun Stuff!

Language learning should be fun. That's why I have created this section. Here you will find links to some great places to practice your Spanish in a more relaxed, fun way. These sites include games, trivia, magazines, jokes and a whole lot more.

If you know of any sites which you think would fit into this section well, please email me using the 'contact me' link on the menu. Thank you.

Spanish Interactive Stories and Games
This is aimed at children, but the adult beginner might find it very useful.

Spanish Unlimited
On this site you will find jokes, horoscopes, a word of the day, recipes, games and lots more... all in Spanish!

Quia - Spanish
A site with Spanish games and quizzes.

A site with trivia, quizzes and translation games.

Casa de Joanna
This site contains a huge amount of links to keep you occupied for a while.

Don Quijote Spanish Language Games
A great place to practice your Spanish and have some fun at the same time.

Nick Jr. Dora The Explorer page
Dora the Explorer is a children's cartoon featuring the bilingual Dora. At this site you will find some activities which include Spanish words as well as a wonderful animated story about a little star. You can hear it in Spanish and in English; an excellent way of improving your listening skills and learning some new vocabulary at the same time. As the actual story page is a java page, I couldn't link directly to it. Go to one of the Dora activities, then click on stories. The story is called 'Little Star's Wish'.